The tinny that time forgot

Some people like to be all retro and demand you should just go with what the camera gives you. I use my camera to capture not just the scene but also my emotions at the time of pressing the shutter button. So until someone makes a camera that can plug into my brain to record the scene as I see and feel it there will always be a need for me to process my photos.

Take the abandoned tinny I say down on the beach for example. Straight out of the camera it looks a bit flat and lacking ‘oomph’ due to the camera trying to meter the whole scene and aim for a perfect bell curve. It’s a faithful representation of what was there, captured to best ability of the sensor and lens combination. But not how I saw the scene…

How I remember the scene was it was a bright day, the colours were vivid with the rust on the boat contrasting with the intense blue of the sky and sea. In my version of the scene I’ve not cheated and added in things that weren’t there, I’ve not removed clouds or added details, I’ve just made the photo match my memories. After all, isn’t recording memories what taking photos is all about?

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