Jousting at the Abbey

I attended the Abbey Medieval Festival up by Caboolture this year. What a great family day out! It was a complete mix of casually dressed families and period dressed fans, all mingling around a 5+ acre partially wooded field enjoying themselves. There was no snobbery if you didn’t want to dress up, everyone was made to feel welcome. You could watch blacksmiths, falconry, historical battle demonstrations, fencing, archery, jousting and more. All while enjoying excellent food and locally brewed mead. What more could you want!

I didn’t take my work camera and lenses as I wasn’t sure what to expect and this was a family day out. I was already weighed down with drink bottles, sunscreen, packed lunches etc. so my travel camera, the Leica V-Lux 114 was dusted off and charged up. The V-Lux is a great addition to family days out as it captures good, clean images even at twilight and dawn. It has a very handy 25-400mm (equivalent) zoom, can capture 4K video, has good stabilisation, a flip out screen for over head angles and is quite light.

Trying to shoot one handed (due to me holding the bags) whilst at the same time keeping my other eye on where my son and his friend had gone with their newly purchased foam swords was tricky. Despite that I managed to get some good shots of the jousting and horse riding demos with the Leica managing to catch most of the fast moving action in the overcast light. Next year I’ll take the pro gear with me.

If you’re wondering whether to take your family to attend the 2018 festival, I suggest you book time in your diary now and check out the Abbey Medieval Festival page for more details. It’s definitely worth a visit.


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